Beneficial Farms CSA

Membership Agreement and Policy


Please read these policies, as they are what keep our CSA working smoothly for all of our members. After reading the following policies, check the box to start your membership.

1.       I understand my responsibility to pick up my weekly share of food from my chosen distribution location during the designated time frame.  Beneficial Farms CSA (BFCSA) distributes year round, except for Thanksgiving week and the last two weeks of the year.

2.       If I cannot pick up my weekly share, I understand that it is my responsibility to choose one of these options:

A. Arrange to “OPT-OUT” for the week by 9am Monday before the distribution via email to By “opting out,” my account will not be charged for the value of the weekly share. I also understand that until I receive an email confirming my request to “opt out”, the opt out process is not complete.

B. Make arrangements to have someone pick up my share and check off my name on the sign-in sheet.

C. Donate my share to Kitchen Angels.

NOTE: If understand that if I do not pick up my share within the distribution time frame, it will be donated to Kitchen Angels.

3.       I will keep my Farm Account up to date with timely additions to my account online.

4.       Payments:  BFCSA partners with a web-based company called Farmigo to help manage financial interactions between our members and our CSA.  With it, Beneficial Farm CSA members have online access to their own accounts, with the exceptions of changing email addresses or requesting opt outs.  For your first payment, we ask for an initial payment of at least $150 into your account.  If you prepay for 6 months, you will get one free week; prepay for a year and receive two free weeks.  I agree to pay my account in a timely manner and keep my membership account information up to date.

5.       The CSA policies may be updated or changed within a membership period and I agree to work with the CSA to understand the updates.  Beneficial Farm CSA communicates with its members mainly through email; we do not sell or rent our email list.

6.       I agree to have my email address receive weekly updates from the CSA team.  If my email address changes, I will contact

7.       I can cancel my membership at any time and will receive a refund on the balance of my account within 30 days. I will notify BFCSA at immediately if I need to cancel. Cancellation will go into effect according to timing of my notification.  I understand that it is best for BFCSA and its farmers if I can spend out any remaining balance once I realize that I need to cancel, and will apply my best efforts to do so.  I understand that I will continue to be responsible for weekly shares even if my Farm Account is at a $0 balance until I send an email request to cancel.

8. I understand that there is an annual membership fee of $15 that will be charged to my farm account each year. This is a cooperative approach to help the CSA and farmers throughout the year.

CHECK BOX: I would like to be a member of Beneficial Farms CSA and have read and agree to the policies above.


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