From the Mesa Top – June 12, 2014

FROM THE MESA TOP:  Message for Beneficial Farm CSA members, June 12th, 2014


Help us plan, develop, and carry out  20th year of Beneficial CSA offers and appreciations. Watch for information or contact Steve at !!!


Please join me in thanking Dena for her leadership of the CSA for the last 4+ years as she is leaving us this week. We wish her well in all of her future endeavors! 


Climatology 2014: NOAA LINK:

Last Saturday Mesa Top was treated to another round of severe weather including tornado watch that covered a very wide section of on the eastern side of the state.  We got about ¾ inches of precipitation including the biggest hail stones I ever got hit in the head by.  Large marbles at least.  Fortunately they were very scattered and the smaller hail was less in volume than over Memorial Day weekend.


The pastures continue to grow and are quite green.  I cannot remember a spring with rain like this since some time in the late 1990s.


In the wake of the storm, cool air and low humidity put in place what should be the last frost risk of the late spring for Mesa Top.  We consider June 15th to be the last risk date.  We had sunrise temperature of 33 degrees on Tuesday morning, with frost on low roof tops and windshields but just very wet dew at garden level.


This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows and Jim Miller Ayrshire project:  The pastures look good and the cows are enjoying the easy life.  Last weekend’s storm with hail helped keep the grasses growing.


We turn our thoughts toward the summer monsoon and hope for a moderate June so the grasses will continue to grow.


It is time to move the 8 heifers, who are between 18 month and 21 month old, home from La Puebla and to add them to the momma cow herd and breed them for the first time.


This week’s protein update:  The meat chickens are growing well.  Probably 6 weeks until harvest for them.  We are low on beef for packs but have plenty of ground beef.


This week’s cheese making update:  The cheese room is closed for the summer.  We appreciate the down time and by choosing summer we make things so much easier for sanitation and cleanliness.  We see virtually no flies during the 9 months of milking and cheesemaking.  The cold temperatures reduce most contamination risks.  And the humans appreciate the rest as well.


We will be able to supply once a month cheese to the shares through the summer with the first-of-its kind chile jack aged and ready mid-summer.


This week’s Veggie/Share Update:  This week the share includes another plant:  basil from Talon de Gato.  You can transplant the basil into a larger pot and it will grow well into the fall.  Don’t let it get pot bound.  And remember to pinch off the growing tips of the top and all of the branches, which will make the plant become more bushy and will lead to more leaf growth.  Most important is that if you see the beginnings of any flowers, pinch them off right away.


For immediate consumption the share includes lettuce from Talon de Gato and cucumbers from Preferred Produce, kale from Frisco Farm and a bunch of onions (with greens that can be used for cooking or like scallions) from Espanola Valley Farm.


Once again we have grape tomatoes from the greenhouses at Preferred Produce.


And an early summer treat:  rhubarb from Talon de Gato.




Membership news:  Please follow us on line at Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to show your friends our weekly shares, recipes and updates.


Members now receive a $25 gift from the CSA when when you help us spread the word and sign up more members.  The process is simple, refer a friend and be sure the CSA knows that your recommendation led to their joining and we will add $25 to your Farm Account. Thank you for your investment in and continued support of the CSA.  We appreciate your support!


Steve Warshawer


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