Tips from Dena – February 14, 2014

Some info from Local Flavor on the web, “Spanish settlers to the northern New Mexican region initially presented the Bolita Bean to North America. The bean was incorporated into much of the American Indian food traditions in the Four Corners region. With its high protein content and its general ease on the stomach, the Bolita Bean became an important crop, quickly becoming extensively cultivated throughout the American southwest. The beans are deep, pinkish-beige almost salmon in color and boast a taste richer in flavor than the pinto bean, to which it is often compared.” These are grown by farmer Dean at Schwebach Farm in Moriarty and there are a few pinto beans in the mix.

First, sort through them by hand to remove any little stones, then rinse carefully. Be sure to soak these beautiful beans in salted water 8 hours to soften the skins, then cook in the soaking water till tender. I use a crockpot or a pressure cooker.

I have had a head cold this week and made a math error due to a fuzzy brain so instead of two grapefruit, we substituted oranges for the second grapefruit.

The organic avocados are pretty ripe, so use them up. They will make a base for a great salad dressing for the lettuce and grape tomatoes.

The Mesa Top Salado Jack is flavorful and mild – Colleen’s experience and innovation is showing.


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