Tips from Dena – Jan 9th 2014

We had a couple of last minute snafus with this week’s share contents. I heard from one of our farmers yesterday afternoon that they had temperatures in the teens and the lettuce had been hit hard. So I changed the share by adding the raspberry jam and dropping the pinto beans. Then when we received our delivery this morning, there were no avocados! So, I was able to put some pintos back in. Never a dull moment with the gremlins in the groceries!

Here is a link to our blog entry on Meyer lemons which includes a link to a salad dressing recipe.

and another link to 100 things to do with a Meyer lemon; my suggestion from last week is number 31…,0,5003872.story#axzz2pwUCl3bv

I made some beet/carrot/cabbage soup this week and put the juice of half a Meyer lemon in at the end; it added a brightness to the sweet vegetables.

Farmer Colleen grated the aged cheddar; it will be great on a bowl of beans!

Most of the cabbages had to be cut today so each member could get two pounds. One of my favorites is a quick stir fry with thinly sliced cabbage and onions – cook till cabbage and onions are browned, add a splash of tamari and some hot pepper flakes and serve.


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