Tips from Dena – January 2nd, 2014

Today’s special treat is a bag of smoky chicos from Farmer Jesus Guzman in Medanales. His chicos are labor- intensive and unique in that they can be eaten as a snack just as they are. They can also be added to beans when cooking (no need to soak the chicos first). The combination of beans and corn creates a more complete protein. They are the most flavorful chicos I have ever tasted and we are lucky he had a large crop of corn and production of chicos this year. These are smoked in an horno, their rich color is proof. Member Steven adds them to cottage cheese and eats the combo after about an hour (for the chicos to puff up a little and soften).

Farmer Matt in Deming at Preferred Produce has had some challenges with the weather and his greenhouses and we are fortunate that we were able to find big fluffy lettuce and his tasty grape tomatoes for this week’s distribution.

The fingerlings are really beautiful – we are working with farmer Lisa Anderson from Malandra Farm in Abiquiu and are hoping to get more from her farm in 2014. Her onions a few weeks ago were equally lovely.

The organic avocados are a natural with the lemons, the grape tomatoes and the grapefruit. Just leave the avos out at room temperature and they will ripen in a few days. You can blend them into a green goddess dressing to top the Lollarosa lettuce or make some great guacamole with some of the powdered green chile, garlic, tomatoes and lemon juice.

I ran across a recipeover the Christmas break for a glaze that was really amazing on the parsnips – it was the juice of an orange, 2 T pomegranate syrup (available at Talin market) and siracha sauce to taste – reduce till thick. I made the siracha sauce with some hot red peppers I had dried from Talon de Gato – it is a killer deep red color – an appropriate warning cause it’s HOT!


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