GIFT BAGS ARE HERE! + Tips from Dena – Dec 12

I made a righteous soup yesterday. ..I gave some to my neighbors and one of them said it was life- affirming and she wanted the recipe, so here it is for all of you. Before leaving in the morning to orchestrate the vegetable circus, I put some frozen tomatoes and pureed pumpkin from earlier in the season in the crock pot with some celery and browned onion chunks and some vegetable broth. Good smells when I returned home! Over the course of the afternoon, I cooked till tender – potatoes, carrots, a huge bunch of kale, a turnip, a rutabaga, added some more browned onions, some golden garlic chunks, and a package of green beans I had frozen. Everything but the kale and celery was from our local farms. When I tasted the soup, it was a little too sweet from the pumpkin and I was inspired to add some balsamic vinegar (which pairs nicely with the kale) and wow! It was just the right secret ingredient to pull it all together. I also added a bit of Hungarian carrot pepper (HOT) and some smoked salt, but no herbs. The turnip and rutabaga add a rich flavor that doesn’t overpower the whole. It doesn’t have to be pumpkin, any winter squash will do.

For the GIFT BAGS, here are the possible items – let me know if you want me to make you one and what items you want in it. You can also just tell me what you want to spend and I’ll put it together for you. Alternatively, you can give someone a farm share; just let me know that and I can add it to your account and put it in one of our new bag.

* Clover honey $11
* organic raspberry jam $6.80 (3 kinds – plain, with added ginger, with added red chile)
* organic quinoa $5 per pound
* pinto or black beans $1.80 per pound
* 1/2 gallon organic apple juice, $6.80
* organic grapefruit $2 each
* organic Meyer lemons, $1 each
* organic pecans,$4 for 4 oz,
* blue corn pancake mix, $2.75 per pound
* smoky chicos $3.50 4 oz,
* powdered medium green or red chile $4 for 4 oz
* powdered hot green or red chile $4 for 4 oz
* Compounded butter-pinot-grigio/ mushroom or shallot/shiraz $8.50
(we will have a tub of pinot/grigio/mushroom in the share next week)

Have fun and keep it savory!


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