Tips from Dena – Dec 6, 2013

I am sorry this is so late in getting to you – Mother Nature is always in charge and reminds us if we forget. The snow was quite a challenge and we thank you for your forbearance as we got the shares to you a bit late in some cases. Some received their shares this morning. With all the bright vitamin C, I think it was well worth the effort.

Organic Meyer Lemons, Hamlin oranges and Rio Star grapefruit, oh my! The Hamlins are technically a juicing orange but we tasted some while packing your shares and they are a great eating orange as well.

The rutabagas from Red Mountain are a nutritious and tasty root – You can slice them thin, brush with oil and salt and bake into chips in the oven or in your dehydrator. You can even make them into fries. They can be cooked and mashed with potatoes in an English traditional dish to serve with a Sunday roast. And here again is the ultimate comfort casserole – perfect weather for this –

Rutabagas can be baked in a gratin or cooked and mashed by themselves; don’t forget the butter!
Here are 37 more recipes –

Farmers Alexis and Brett were unable to wash the potatoes due to the weather so give them a good scrubbing before cooking.

I made a simple marmalade last night with the juice of all three fruits, some chopped rinds; blended in the blender and cooked with sweetener and a vanilla bean until thick. Sunshine on a cloudy day!

Thanks and cook something in your oven to keep warm!


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