Tips from Dena November 20

Steve found the delicious compounded butter for the CSA. Owner Rene uses GMO-free butters, produce and wines, sourced in New Mexico. Store in the refrigerator. There is no alcohol in this product, BTW. We will have the wild mushroom/pinot grigio in December. I’ve had some to experiment with for the past few days and have found it wonderful on pasta, steak and veggies. Rene uses it on grilled cheese sandwiches (inside and out), baked potatoes, eggs… (this could be a very long list.)
Try it in dressing for Thanksgiving, on mashed potatoes; in the gravy…I hope this comes in handy for your feast next week.

The sweet potatoes are grade “B”, not the most beautiful, but very tasty. If yours is cut on the end, just re-cut before cooking. I recommend baking these; baking concentrates the flavor and sweetness; no water to dilute them. (I find this to be true for potatoes and beets also). Peel after they are tender and cool. On a whim, I cut some in slices after baking and peeling, put them in the dehydrator and they are great! These babies are quite nutritious and require a lot of effort on the farmer’s part – they must be cured in an 80 degree greenhouse after harvest to bring out their flavor and sweetness. New Mexico farmers are discovering how to grow this crop successfully; this is our second year having them in a share.

Here is a link to winter squash recipes on our blog and another to a fun website –

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ! As always, feel free to call me with questions about preparing the food.

Thanks so much for your support of local farmers.

See you in December!


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