Dena’s Tips 8-16-13

The long peppers in this week’s share are “Appendere,” a sweet Italian pepper. They can be roasted like green chile or used like bell peppers in omelets, sauce, soup, or they can be stuffed. A fun and pretty addition to a meal. I got one last week from farmers Steve and Adam, roasted it like green chile and used it in one of my favorite dishes; marinated cooked veggies.

Lots of combinations are possible this week-

The basil and parsley can be made into pestos, either together or individually. You can freeze them in ice cube trays for brightening up winter meals.

The leeks are good for all manner of soups; slice them in half the long way and rinse well, use the green tops for stock,slice and saute the tender white part. The tat soi and the chard would be a great addition; add some potatoes and you’re ready for these cooler nights.

I’m going to try a salad using the tat soi with cabbage, parsley, cucumber and some Asian dressing.

And these juicy peaches! No suggestions necessary…they will disappear all by themselves.

Next week – 4 big beautiful ears of corn from Schwebach Farm in Moriarty!



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