Dena’s Tips 6/24/13

The peas in this week’s share are English peas; don’t eat the pods, they are tough. My new favorite way to fix these doesn’t involve shelling them – yeay! Heat a wok or large cast iron skillet till very hot, add a small amount of oil and stir-fry the pods until they have black spots and are limp – about 5 minutes or so. Sprinkle with some tamari or fancy salt and eat like edamame; these can be eaten hot or room temperature. Your teeth do the shelling… If you do shell them to cook old-school style, use the pods in stock as they are sweet and flavorful.

This week’s lettuce from Talon de Gato are ”Italienischer” (German for “Italianish”).

Fruit will be very hard to find this summer in our neck of the woods so I wanted you to have something sweet before the organic juice from 2012 runs out. We are looking in our larger region for fruit.

Enjoy the scapes! I have gotten great feedback from members who are growing to love this versatile treat. They get a wonderful carmelized texture when slowly sautéed.

The holy Asian greens can be added to soups and stir-frys; they will not have a long shelf life so cook ‘em up!

I am making a beautiful soup with the scapes, onions, spinach and Asian greens, using the garlic flower pods and the extra onion greens for the stock.

Thanks and happy veggies!



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