Dena’s Tips 6-14-13

Here are some possible combinations in this week’s share;

Use the rhubarb to make chutney and include some of the garlic chives and green chile. We have an apricot chutney recipe on the blog that you can use as a base – here is the link –

This would be a beautiful green chutney! Use golden raisins, green onions and green peppers to complete thecolor scheme.

The lettuce, sugar snaps, garlic chives and chard can be combined in a salad with Asian dressing – rice vinegar, tamari, sweetener and toasted sesame oil. Add some Hakura turnips if you still have them and some carrots for color. For some kick, you can add some ground green chile also.

It took me several months to find the powdered green chile again. We bagged up a combination of medium and mild – I can get some hot if folks request it. I keep mine in a shaker close at hand and add it to most everything; eggs (including deviled), potatoes, soups, stews, salads, beans, enchiladas, etc. It has the advantage of being instant and has lots of flavor.

We got to watch a small cottontail bunny in the courtyard at Hillside yesterday while we were packing and she was eating a red chile ristra that had fallen on the ground. We gave her some chard and lettuce, but the bunny kept eating the red chile; we were reminded that she is a native New Mexican, after all!

Steve and Adam at Talon de Gato grew us Genovese basil plants – this will be the last plant of the spring.

Thanks and keep it flavorful!


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