Steve’s Update 5-29-13

Climatology 2013:  Spring winds arrived this week after another cool week.  Fire danger is off the charts almost everywhere in the state.  The dry weather allows for cold nights even after warm days.  Large diurnal temperature swings.  It is at this time

of year that Mesa Top sees 80 degree days and 30 degree nights.  For that reason, as we transplant out our squash and cucumbers, even now they must still be protected with row covers.  We begin to look ahead and hope for a season of monsoons.

This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows and Jim Miller Ayrshire project:  We found a very nice gooseneck trailer for hauling hay, and we are finding more sources for hay, as the cutting begins.

Two momma cows have had their calves at Dominic’s in Hagerman.  We will be looking very shortly at bringing them home if we want to keep the milking and cheese making going for the summer.

This week’s protein update:  Mesa Top Ground beef and family beef packs are in continuous supply.

This week’s cheese making update:  It is time to change gears for summer.  If we are going to continue with the cheese making, we will switch to feta which ages fine even when the cheese aging room is warmer.  Our wheels from winter and spring will get transferred to a walk-in cooler, and continue to age there.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update:  This week we have a nice mixture of produce and another plant to make up the share this week.

The share includes the first of the season organic summer squash from Skarsgard Farms, and bunched kale from Skarsgard as well.  Spring onions from Salvadore Corona at Espanola Valley Farm and garlic scapes from Frisco Farm.  Spinach from Ganados del Valle and lettuce from Talon de Gato Farm, and organic grape tomatoes from Preferred Produce complete the vegetable selection.

This week’s plant for container or outdoor gardening is a parsley plant from Talon de Gato Farm.  Parsley will grow for a long time, well into the early winter.  If you put this plant into a container, it will need to be a large one, as there will be a dense, deep tap root created as the plant grows.  A 5 gallon bucket would do the trick nicely, giving ample room for the parsley plant to reach its full size.

Membership news:  Please follow us online at Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to show your friends our weekly shares, recipes and updates.

Remember when you help us spread the word and sign up more members; we add $10 to your Farm Account for every member you refer.

Thank you for your investment in and continued support of the CSA.  We appreciate your support!

Steve Warshawer


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