Dena’s Tips 5-24-13

This week’s adventure in agriculture was a fun one! I finally got to meet farmer Ben Ronnniger, who grows the beautiful garlic in your share this week. He drives a big red school bus and I met him at the old Pecos trail exit off I25 at 8 pm just as the sun was setting. We went to the “sticks and stones” pulloff by Hillside Market. There was a sheriff parked there (I waved hi) and we began to load the boxes of garlic braids and 175 lbs of loose garlic into my Prius. Kind of curious, no? Well, toward the end of the transfer, the sheriff shined his light on us, but never got out of his car to come say hi or check us out.

Here is some info from Ben’s flyer and a link to his facebook page – the photo of his bus by St. Francis Cathedral was shot on Tuesday. There are also pictures of the farm and folks making the braids, looking like they’re having a good time. We love bringing you this beautiful food/art. Twist or cut the heads off from the bottom of the braid; use by the fall as it will dry out eventually in this climate. We have extra for gifts on the Marketplace for $12.50; less than $1 per head of this high quality garlic.

Ben has named his farm after the compound Allicin, “This colorless liquid has a distinctively pungent smell and exhibits antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Allicin is garlic’s defense mechanism against attacks by pests.” (From Wikipedia)

“This is the first fresh crop of garlic in the USA each year!
– Grown sustainably, naturally, and using all Organic methods (though not certified). Chemical free, pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, and any-cide free.
– Grown all by hand in a very pristine valley far removed from all industry, roads, and population base of any kind.
– Grown in volcanic soil with loads of trace minerals. Watered with delicious sweet water from deep within a mountain oasis .
– Supports small-scale sustainable agriculture for our family and many others, bought and sold for a fair price.
– Brought to you directly by the Farmer in a modified school bus running on a diesel/hydrogen fueled engine equipped with a solar panel on his way back from Baja to his other garlic farm in Idaho.”

Enjoy the Mesa Top Farm eggs. Steve and his new daughter, 9 year-old Sarah, are the chicken whisperers and these happy chickens give us habit-forming, tasty eggs. These eggs are always available on the Marketplace and as a weekly addition to your share.

The tomato plant is an Italian type – Stupice; farmer Adam chose it and the sungold because of their success in our high desert climate. (My sungold already has flowers on it). Adam recommends planting it 3-4″ deep as the plants have gotten a bit leggy.



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