Dena’s Tips 5-16-13

Last week was the hardest ever in getting enough food for the share, due to a late freeze and the transition to spring. What a treat to have spring onions and garlic from Salvatore in Espanola! Use the garlic greens right away to make broth before they dry out. Keep in the fridge for longer life.

The braising greens are tender enough to add a spicy note to a salad; if you cook them, do it lightly.

The feta cheese from Mesa Top is packed in filtered water – there wasn’t enough staff at the farm to do the usual vacuum packing. The feta will go well with both the salad and braising greens. Each container has two ounces less than we promised.

My son and I are going today to meet the Baja Garlic Bus somewhere on I-25! We will have the first harvested garlic in America for you next week. This will be a garlicky several weeks, with spring garlic, braids, scapes and chives. A vampire-free season for sure.

Thanks for your support of all our farmers,



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