Dena’s Tips 4-26-13

Here are the ingredients of the blue corn pancake mix and the directions. Sorry I did not have labels made to attach to the bags, but as member Blythe pointed out, this way is greener…

Ingredients: Whole grain blue corn meal, whole wheat flour, baking powder and salt. Keeps best refrigerated.

Directions: (directions do not specify how much mix to add, so you’ll have to experiment to get the right consistency.) Beat 2 eggs and 3 T oil or melted butter in a bowl, add dry mix and about ½ c milk, stir only till smooth. Let stand for 5 minutes, don’t re-stir. Cook on lightly oiled griddle. For waffles, one more T oil will reduce sticking. You could use the yogurt in place of the milk. You can also use this mix to make muffins, corn bread or use as a coating for frying chicken, fish, tofu or shrimp.

Use the organic cantaloupe and the local yogurt and have breakfast for dinner…or for breakfast. These melons are ripe and ready, so don’t wait long to cut them open. We unexpectedly found a stash of theorganic oranges through another CSA so have some juice with your breakfast!!

What a blessing to have the first beets of the season – be sure to use the greens; they are tender and nutritious. You can cook them lightly; add to beet soup if you’re making that; they are tender enough to chop and add to a salad using the rest of your share.



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