Dena’s Tips 4-19-13

I ordered organic cucumbers for us all, then heard back from farmer Matt that there weren’t enough, but they did have just enough ripe organic melons to make up the difference. I immediately thought of an experiment in fairness I had heard about involving monkeys who were not happy when offered cucumbers when their fellow monkeys received grapes as a reward for the same action. Those of us with kids or dogs know that anticipation of equal treatment is hard wired. So I did a Google search and found a video of this experiment which I guarantee will make you burst out laughing. Next week those of you who received cucumbers will receive melons, and vice versa. So PLEASE do not throw cukes at me if you see me around town this week.

The beautiful organic radishes from Skarsgard Farm in ABQ have edible leaves. I would cook them with the spicy Asian greens from Talon de Gato Farm in Embudo. They can be made into pesto; you can add them to a parsley pesto also.

Here is a link to an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican last week, “Why parsley deserves a starring role”
(The New Mexican recently changed its subscription model so there is a limit to the articles you can see free each month)

Here is my favorite paragraph from this article by Emily Horton – “In France, parsley starts dishes and finishes them; it is an essential component of the aromatic foundation that is a bouquet garni, and it definespersillade, the mixture of finely minced garlic and parsley that’s used to add a bloom of flavor at the end of cooking. With garlic and lemon it is gremolata, Italy’s answer to persillade. Add onion, capers, anchovies and olive oil, and it is salsa verde, an Italian condiment so versatile and compelling, it would do any cook good to stock a batch in the refrigerator at all times.”

Parsley pesto makes a great base for salad dressing and dip and brightens many dishes as a last-minute addition.

We have today the last of the living sauerkraut made by farmers Teague and Kosma Channing of Gemini Farms in Las Trampas. Here is a fun recipe for chocolate cake using sauerkraut (no, this is not a typo…)
(Use the apple juice in place of the water and reduce the sugar).

Welcome to the roller coaster ride of spring in Santa Fe!


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