Spinach Smoothie 2013

Spinach smoothieSpinach is a great spring ingredient.  I love to saute it for a dinner side dish.  Lots of recipes are listed on this blog if you enter “spinach” in the search field.  Tony always wants to make a smoothie on all the shows that have cooking contests.  Most would not taste good, but here is my research on smoothies.

Spinach for breakfast is one that I achieved two years ago.  I had my hip and shoulders replaced and needed to continue a high count of vegetables throughout the day.  Greens for breakfast was something that the doctor recommended. We brought a blender to Colorado for the surgery and ate smoothies each day. This method is helping me with chemo treatments this spring. Great to have all the best ingredients from your CSA. It is amazing how vegetables, especially green vegetables with Vitamin A and C can help you heal.  Here is my new spinach smoothie recipe.  I take it with me in a canning jar or double in a larger canning jar with a lid for breakfast and lunch.  Make sure that you have a refrigerator for the double smoothie.

Spinach Smoothie 2013

By Amy

2 cups of Orange Juice (make your own!)

5 Frozen Strawberries (organic if possible, they are on the top with pesticides)

2 handfuls of spinach

1 banana

1 TBLSP hemp seeds

1 TBLSP chia seeds

1 TBLSP Omega 3 Oil

1 TBLSP Amazing Grass Green Superfood in powder

1 TBLSP Psyllium seed husk (drink immediately if this is included)

Pour into the blender in this way.  Blend on low for 2 minutes.  Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Amy Hetager, Beneficial Farms CSA blogger


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