Dena’s Tips 3-28-13

You may notice that the Ayrshire aged cheddar cheese packages had red flecks or threads. These are pieces of the wax coating that covers the wheels of cheese. You have probably seen this coating in cheese shops. Just scrape away the wax and we will be more careful when cutting the cheese next time… This cheese looks like it would be good grated on eggs, spaghetti, etc.

There was another snafu with the cooking greens; some of them did not make the truck again so the bags were smaller than we had planned; we will increase the amount of something else next week to make up for this.

The good news is that we had fresh cooking greens in this late winter week! They look tender and fresh and should cook up quickly. Use the stems.

There has been an abundance of fresh lettuce mix in the more southern parts of the state; this is a tender offering for our salad bowls.



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