Dena’s Tips 3-22-13

We learned Tuesday morning that the cooking greens and salad mix from Anthony Farms had not made it onto the La Montanita Coop truck, so we had to scramble a bit to fill out the share. This is a difficult time of year anyway…We were able to find salad mix from Albuqerque and added a couple of oranges to round the share out. This is the last of this season’s citrus.

Horseradish is a pungent root, easy to grow but tends to spread in the garden. It is a traditional folk remedy – It helps relieve congestion and coughs from colds and sinus infections – just in time for our allergy season. It stimulates digestion, which makes it a good partner for meat. Horseradish also has diuretic and antibiotic properties, which make it a home remedy for mild chronic urinary tract infections.

Research at the University of Illinois has shown that horseradish may also help the body resist cancer. Glucosinolates, chemical compounds found in horseradish, facilitate carcinogen removal by the liver. The anticancer effects of the horseradish root are increased when it is processed.

Add to coleslaw, meatloaf, meatballs, and devilled eggs. It is an important ingredient in cocktail sauce for shrimp and also in a bloody (or virgin) Mary. Add sour cream or mayonnaise for a creamier sauce. It is great on sandwiches. As a kid, member Blythe used to spread it on matzo crackers. When I was young, I visited the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market with my folks and just walking by the horseradish stand brought tears to our eyes. Member Mimi is thankful that someone else has prepared it just for that reason. She got extra for the large crowd coming to her Seder dinner.

Here is a link to a recipe for horseradish mashed potatoes –

I started to verge on tears this morning when farmers Teague and Kos brought the sauerkraut and horseradish in to Hillside as we will not be seeing them much as they prepare for their move to Washington. Kos and my son were in first grade together and these guys they have been a part of my life for 25 years. I am happy for their move to a beautiful valley with other young farmers and plenty of water! They are moving to a town called “Twisp” and how could you not just love that?

We were awakened this morning by a loud congregation of robins in the trees along the acequia heralding spring!



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