Dena’s Tips 3-15-13

This week’s Mayacoba beans are”Peruvian beans,” a white bean that is popular in the state of Jalisco, as well as much of southern Mexico. Mayocoba beans have a meaty interior and a thin skin, which makes them perfect for refried beans. Cook them like all beans – sort to remove pebbles, rinse, soak in salted water for several hours and cook till tender. I sauté chopped onions till fragrant and dark golden, add garlic for a minute, then add tamari and pour this mix into the cooked beans. Of course you can add celery, carrots, greens and other vegetables as well.

Here is a link to a recipe that uses black lentils, quinoa and swiss chard with a side of fried plantains – Mayacoba beans are called “canary beans” in this recipe.

The salad mix looked a little worse for the trip north to us – it should be used in the next couple of days. It was wonderful to come home after a long day to an instant salad in this week’s bag! The grape tomatoes are like flavorful savory candy.

We have the last of the raw organic apple cider this week; we continue to develop our relationship with farmer Mesa Ruiz and he and Scott are now one of our core farms. We found Mesa through members Jacqueline and Travis. Thanks!

If you can’t use the limes right away, juice them and freeze in ice cube trays; pop out and store in freezer in a ziplock – great for salad dressing and marinades – I love it on fruit like bananas and also on avocados with a sprinkle of cayenne.

We had a difficult day with so many items to weigh and package and one person short…Let me know if you would like to be on our list for helping with the veggie circus.

I am enjoying this spring interlude even if it doesn’t last…sandals in March?!




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