Dena’s Tips 2/8/13

We have another delicious traditional New Mexico food this week – atole. This comes to us from Santa Ana Pueblo. This toasted blue corn flour has an extra rich flavor and aroma. Use it soon as the richness from the roasting fades over time. Traditionally it was used for a cooked breakfast drink – you can also add chocolate. Here is a link to a recipe – use atole in place of the masa harina.

It is wonderful in pancakes; replace ½ of the flour with atole. You can use it in place of cornmeal in any recipe. Try making savory high protein muffins; to a basic corn muffin recipe, add some cooked black or pinto beans and chicos, some dried crushed green chile (add a little extra liquid to hydrate the chile), and some coarsely grated cheese. A couple of these with a salad make a great meal and they would also be good to pack in a lunch.

If you have any chicos left, they are really great cooked with the black beans; the pale chicos are a beautiful contrast to the black beans. Add some carrots and red chile powder for more color!

Be sure to rinse your grape tomatoes right away – they were a bit sticky this week.

What a luxury to have this colorful organic citrus – we will have more next week as well.

Another cold snap this weekend; a great opportunity for another pot of beans!


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  1. Love the idea of savory muffins!

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