Dena’s Tips 1/25/13

We didn’t receive enough fingerling potatoes this week for the 1 lb. per member we promised, so we gave each of you 7 oz of organic fingerlings and one pound of organic red potatoes – those of us packing the bags thought they came out real pretty.

The Jerusalem artichokes are an amazingly versatile tuber – cook them like potatoes; one of our members mixes them with potatoes in a scalloped potato dish – you can also try them grated as hash browns. They are great sliced raw as a snack or added to salads. They can also be sliced and added at the end of a stir fry and have a texture like water chestnuts. Amy pickles them – check our blog for recipes. Here is the link – A lot of the nutrition is in the skin, so just scrub them before using. And from the web, “Sunchokes are often called a starchy plant, but the starch is in the form of inulin, a polysaccharide from which fructose can be produced. Because this starch, or inulin, is not easily digestible by everyone, it may be best to introduce the vegetable in small amounts.”

And a last tip from a new member on the organic quinoa – Blythe juiced a beet, a carrot, a stalk of celery and a pear and used that juice to make a batch of quinoa. Sounds tasty, using any combo of fresh juice – I’m partial to juiced parsley so will try it this week.

Here are some tips and recipes for pinto beans in this week’s share –

Have fun with this beautiful food!


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