Collards with Apples and Leeks

I was cleaning out some of the greens in my refrigerator over the weekend and made a hot collard, apple and leek dish as a starter for dinner. It can be considered a warm salad and has a lovely flavor with the leeks and apples. Add some feta cheese to the top and enjoy.  You can also make the leeks, garlic and apples as a slaw that you can use cold for sandwiches or hot as a topping for chicken breasts of other meat.

Collards with Apples and Leeks

By Amy

1 -2 TBLSPs of Olive Oil

1 bunch of Collards, remove stems and cut into slices

1 bunch of Leeks, cleaned and cut in small rounds

4 Apples (or two if they are larger than the ones in our share)

2 Cloves of Garlic (or more if they are smaller than the amazing garlic in our share)

1/2 cup of White Wine

1 TBLSP of Rice Vinegar

Kosher Salt and Black Pepper

Feta Cheese for the topping

Start a saute pan with half of the olive oil and saute the leeks, salt and pepper until golden. Add the garlic and apples (slice in half and core then add slices to the pan). Add more oil if necessary to the pan. This makes a nice slaw that you can use for sandwiches if you want to stop the recipe here. Add the wine and vinegar and let cook off for a few minutes. Add the collards and cover 3/4 of the way the pot to steam.  I use an oval lid from another pot to achieve this in a few minutes. Add feta cheese and serve. Enjoy!

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger



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3 responses to “Collards with Apples and Leeks

  1. Amy,
    Thanks for your nice adjective on the garlic from La Madera Farm. I’m so glad you like it. I have wondered how a cook or recipe writer accommodates the differences in the size of garlic cloves; some are so small — Gilroy, softnecks, Chinese. Getting the number of cloves wrong could ruin some meals.

    • Thank you Bill. I try to describe the number of cloves of garlic in a recipe and describe the garlic that we are using. We have not received any small clove garlic in our CSA share, but good to mention. We discussed this in our last Local Organic Meals on a Budget class to show that you can use a different amount based on the clove size.

  2. Linda Young

    Fixed this tonight and found it to be really delicious!!!! Thank you for posting it!!

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