Sunchoke Recipes

Sunchokes are beautiful in their own way.  Eat them with the skin and in small amounts.  Here is a background on them with a Deborah Madison recipe for soup. I have reprinted some recipes and added new ones below.  Send me any of your tips to

Sunchoke and Sweet Potato Gratin
From Food & Wine

CSA Member Phyllis shared this recipe with me last week and it goes with the sweet potatoes in last week’s share.
Click here for the recipe


Sunchoke Pickles from the Honest-Food Blog
This was a great way to eat sunchokes and I had enough to share with friends.  It looks like a long recipe, but it was not a lot of work.  The curry flavor is great. I agree that eating fewer at a time will help with the digestion.
Click here for the recipe


Sunchoke Gratin from Free State Brewery
Rock Chalk!  I went to KU and really appreciate the level of food at this brewery.  Seriously, my sister lives an hour away from it and they plan trips to go for a sandwich special on Wednesdays.  These recipes make me hungry.
Click here for the recipes


Roasted Sunchokes
From Dena
Peel and cut into quarters
Toss with olive oil and black pepper
Bake at 375, tossing every 20 minutes till browned and tender
Sweet and crispy


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  1. Thank you for the background I hadn’t realized that Sunchokes were from sunflowers. Looking forward to trying to cook one!

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