Dena’s Tips 10-12-12

I want to remind you all that the deadline for opting out is Monday morning at 9, as we order food from farmers then.

So, all the roots in your share this week! The long white roots are daikon radish, originally from continental Asia, and they come to us through Japan. It is commonly pickled, eaten raw or added to soups; here is a link to a change of pace recipe worth trying –

The round white roots are Hakura turnips, which I like to eat raw. They also make a wonderful salad with carrots; marinate in a dressing of rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, tamari and a dash of sweetener. Add some shredded greens from this week’s share for additional color and texture. I think it is a shame to cook these tender juicy little babies – they can also be eaten like apples.

The pink and green root is a watermelon radish. I peel and cut them into rounds, add a little salt and enjoy as a snack or a side to sandwiches. They can also be grated into salads; some people cook them; add to soups or stews.

The beautiful braising greens are from master farmer Richard; you can cook them or cut them in fine shreds for a marinated salad.

The arugula this week is quite spicy – in addition to adding to salad, you can also cook it like other greens and it becomes less intense that way.

We have the wonderful creamy Yukon potatoes again from Schwebach in Moriarty – back by popular demand. Add greens and milk for a simple soup.

The Arkansas black apples are great for cooking – another way to extend the apple bounty is to make an apple pie, being sure to slit the top, wrap well in plastic and freeze – pop it frozen into a hot oven when winter happens!



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