Vanilla Pear Jam Recipe

Pears are in season and New Mexico had a great year for growing fruit.  We will have Anjou Pears from Synergia Ranch in Santa Fe and can make them into a wonderful European jam with vanilla.  The vanilla bean is more expensive than vanilla extract, but includes nice black seeds to color the jam.  You can substitute with vanilla extract. The pears have a thin skin so we will keep it on for the pectin and nutrition. The French recipes do not include pectin in their jams as sugar cooked down will improve the texture. You can add a small amount of pectin to make the jam have a stronger gel. Enjoy!

Amy Hetager, Beneficial Farms CSA Blogger

Vanilla Pear Jam

Creates 1 half pint jar

1.5 lbs pears, cores and seeds removed and sliced

1/2 cup sugar

2 TBLSP lemon juice

1/2 vanilla bean

Add all ingredients to a pot with a thick bottom and simmer for two hours.  Watch the pot to make sure that it is boiling down at a nice speed and not boiling. Test the texture of the jam on the back of a spoon to see if it sticks. Remove the bean portion of the vanilla bean. Enjoy on toast of crackers.


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