Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Do you think of adding a slice of cheddar cheese to apple pie for a nice fall dessert?  Here is the same idea in a sandwich for lunch or dinner. I found this recipe for a quick cheese sandwich with apple on Closet Cooking. The photo looked amazing and it is a simple way to eat more apples.  New Mexico had an amazing year for fruit and apples are now in season.  I have a 52 year old apple tree in my backyard and we pick several boxes every week. Great apples in our recent CSA shares. Here is a great way to include them into your lunch in a different way than raw as a side dish.  Enjoy!

Amy Hetager, Beneficial Farms CSA Blogger

Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Adapted by Amy from Closet Cooking

2 pieces of Sage Bakery or great bread

1 TBLSP butter

2 pieces of local cheddar cheese

1 Apple

Core the apple and cut into thin slices.  I have a griddle on my stove with cast iron that makes the best grilled cheese and pancakes.  You can also use a pot with a thick bottom for the best cooked sandwich.  Turn onto medium heat. Add half of the butter and wait until the bubbles settle to add the apple slices.  Cook them for a few minutes until they are a good texture for the sandwich.  Snacking here is wonderful! Use the remaining butter and wait until the bubbles die down to add one piece of the bread. Add the apples, cheese and other bread.  Cook until the first side is lightly browned and turn over.  The cheese should be melted before you complete the sandwich.  Enjoy.


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