Dena’s Tips 7-26-12

Today we received our first collard greens of the year. Member Lindsey sautés them with onions, garlic and tomatoes. They are popular in the south, slow cooked with ham. Member Prairie Rose makes “beans with greens” as collards take a long time to cook. Back when the CSA was newborn, one of our members swore by a mixture of sweet greens (chard, spinach) and bitter greens (collards, kale) on top of posole. These leaves can also be used to make little rolls – cut off the stem, blanch for 5 or more minutes, cool, then stuff with quinoa or rice and sautéed veggies and protein, roll tightly, then steam for 10-15 minutes. Serve with a dipping sauce – I use tamari, sweetener, ginger, garlic, toasted sesame oil; or you can go simple and just use tamari. This same recipe can be used with the chard, just blanch for 1 minute, and steam for 5-7 minutes. I recently made a big batch of these and froze them; they came out great when thawed – another way to enjoy these fresh greens in the winter.

More parsley deliciousness – I’ve been making parsley pesto with olive oil and garlic. Unlike basil pesto, it does not oxidize and darken, but retains its bright green color. I used it in a dip, added it with Mesa Top feta to scrambled eggs (Dr. Seuss would have loved it) and added some more olive oil and balsamic vinegar to make a creamy fresh salad dressing. You can also make a pesto with both parsley and basil – freeze in snack sized ziplocks or ice cube trays (remove and seal in plastic when frozen into cubes.)

We received another small taste of gai lan and snow peas as the gai lan continues to grow more side shoots. 

Each member got one or two nectarines from the limited amount we received from Shiraz vineyard. Sweet!

Looking forward to green beans and white peaches next week …

Keep it cool in the kitchen!


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