Dena’s Tips 7-13-12

When you need to opt out, please send me an email as that is the way I keep track of this info. Just reply to any email you receive from the CSA as they all come from the same email address. 

We had some issues with harvesting so the share you received was different than what was posted online but still had the right value.

This is our last week with the odd but awesome little peaches and we are looking forward a different variety of Shiraz peaches in the next few weeks. These are a great value and you will have an opportunity to buy these in bulk for canning or freezing. I will send an email later with those details.

We each received one stalk of Gai Lan; Chinese Broccoli. As the plant matures, the center stalk must be picked (which is what was in our share). Then the side stalks start to grow. We are expecting bq.)several of these stalks per share as time goes on. I asked for Mesa Top to plant this vegetable as I have not seen it anywhere in Santa Fe (I have found it at Talin in ABQ). I plan to use my stalk with the snow peas and chardin a stir fry. I will send you my favorite way to prepare gai lan when we have more in the share. 

The feta pairs beautifully with the chard and would make a good addition to a salad using the lettuce, cucumbers and peaches.

It is raining apricots in Santa Fe! If you have access to some of this abundance, the simplest and quickest way to preserve them is to remove the pits, put the apricots in a lemon juice/water mixture, (this prevents them from turning brown) then drain and pack them in ziplock bags, removing all the air you can and freeze them. If you have a dehydrator, they dry beautifully.

I will be giving a class on food preservation through Local Organic Meals on a Budget and Homegrown New Mexico on August 22 – here is the link to sign up There are 5 spots left in the class.

Happy midsummer!


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