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We received the makings for chutney in one bag this week (peaches, fresh turmeric and ginger) and I challenge you to make some; you can even use the tomatoes! Make a vegetable curry with the squash, turmeric, ginger, beet greens, cress, tomatoes and kale and you have an Indian Feast! I know lots of us like to see how we can include most of our items in one meal – it’s a chef’s challenge each week.

Upland cress is not watercress. Upland cress is a salad green and a member of the mustard family. It has short stocky round leaves that have a sharp spicy flavor and are often used to complement vegetables or served as a separate dish of greens.

Nutritional content: Upland Cress is high in phyto-nutrients as well as antioxidant vitamins C and A. In fact, it has 3 times the amount of vitamin C as oranges, and twice the amount of vitamin A as broccoli.

I did a Google search for upland cress recipes and the first one I found called for fresh turmeric and ginger! It’s a salad recipe, which also uses matchstick carrots, lime juice, pea shoots, mint, hot pepper, and a sweet/sour dressing. Cress is quite spicy and can also be cooked. To celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee, have some tea sandwiches – chopped hardboiled eggs with mayonnaise, a thick layer of cress, salt and pepper (traditionally with white bread of course, but a textured rye sounds amazing too).

And from member Carrie, a recipe for summer squash “marmalade” which she says is better described as having the texture of baba ganoush – coarsely grate squash, then drain in a colander for a while; sauté shallots and/or garlic in olive oil and/or butter, then add grated squash and cook on medium heat, stirring every ten minutes to incorporate the carmelized bits until the mixture thickens, season with salt and pepper. You can add many things to this basic recipe, like basil, or hot chile caribe, or parmesan at the end of cooking. Carrie reports that it is a great spread and can also be used as a sauce for pasta.

And an ultimately simple salad – coarsely grate these young beets and add lime juice.

Have fun with this bounty!


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