Dena’s Tips 6-14-12

The peas in your share are English peas – they must be removed from the shell before eating. Here is a fun way to have your family or guests remove them…
Heat a wok or large frying pan till very hot; add a bit of olive oil and the whole pod peas, toss them till they are charred (about 5 minutes) with little black marks; sprinkle with salt and serve like edamame; can be served hot or room temperature. (pull them between your teeth and the peas pop out in your mouth).

If you did not read Steve’s blog – here is his explanation about the holey greens – “Mesa Top Farm offersarugula or braising mix. But there is a sad story with the the arugula and mix. These items were perfect and beautiful last week, but we were not able to fit them into the CSA share then. Given the nature of the crops, the best move was to hold them for a week. During that time the flea beetles had a population explosion. As a result you see a lot of little tiny holes…

One time, in the early years of the farm, I delivered some arugula to a prominent local chef, who commented “this stuff is holy as a prayer” and rejected it. I could understand why he had to do that: who is going to pay $12.95 for 2 or 3 ounces of arugula that does not look perfect?

In the CSA it is different. We all want the hard work of the farmers to pay off. We encourage members to look at the food as if it is the work of our own hands. In this case we have given a very healthy portion of arugula or braising mix, and we are encouraging you to eat these tasty greens soon. They will not have a long shelf life. Look past the beetle holes and enjoy the flavor. The farmers at Mesa Top have taken some time to clean it up as best they can, but you may still have to do a little cleaning.”

Eat these greens up right away or blanch and freeze for later.

Apricots will ripen in a paper bag at room temperature.

Member Carrie tells us about grilling lettuce – cut the head in half lengthwise, brush with olive oil, grill (either on a barbeque grill outdoors or in an iron skillet inside)
with the cut side down until it is the degree of wilting that you like, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar reduction and goat or cow milk cheese. Sounds like a fun and fascinating alternative to salad!

Have fun and stay cool,


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