Dena’s Tips 5/25/12

We are pretty sure the vampires will be leaving us alone for awhile!

Green garlic – cut the root end off, and peel off the outer two leaves. Thinly slice across up to where the shaft turns green.
Use like ripe garlic. Rinse the green leaves well and use them for making stock ( Simmer in water for 20 minutes. When we have items like this that are perfect 
for stock, I make it and freeze it in dated bags. 

Swiss chard – This week’s chard suffered some dehydration getting here from Deming. Discard any pale or mottled leaves; the rest cook up beautifully.
Stems can be diced and added to soups; they can also be sliced on the diagonal and added to stir-fry. I would cook it up asap- it will not have the long shelf life we are accustomed to.

We will have the first of the spring garlic scapes next week from Bill Page in La Madera, garlic chives and a basil start from Talon del Gato in Embudo, so we continue a vampire-free season.

Your garlic braid will keep its beauty if you cut the garlic heads off from the bottom as needed.

I made a mistake in the pronunciation of the Stuplice Italian tomatoes last week – it is “Stew-plee-che” I forgot the t.



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