Steve’s 5-9-12

Climatology 2012:  The cool weather and east winds have brought us a hint and hope of precipitation.  So far just hope…

Announcement:  Just to let members know; are you are interested in living off the grid, only 40 minutes from downtown, and next door to the farm?  We have a partnership developed with a prominent Santa Fe sustainable builder and designer, a realtor, and funders.  We are offering home sites with full building plans and the ability to build, and in some cases the ability to locate funding.  If you are interested, or know someone who may be, email and Steve will direct you to the appropriate partner.

This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows and Jim Miller Ayrshire project:  The herd is running out of grass on the current leased pasture.  A few intrepid individuals, led no doubt by Cassie-the-wonder-cow, pushed through some weak fence to get to some better grass.  Our cows will never let us forget that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.  We are working to lease more pasture.  It is an interesting situation, as ungrazed land presents such a fire danger.  And healthy grazed land grows more forage and more diversity of vegetation.  Our pastures are green, and the ungrazed pastures next door are mostly brown.  But how to reach a consensus with absentee and other “ecologically oriented” land owners that their neighbor rancher can offer them great benefits:  reduced fire risk, healthier pastures, a presence to prevent trespassing and vandalism, and possibly even real estate tax relief?  We are practicing how to deliver this message.

This week’s cheese making update:  We are in a very low ebb on milk and cheese production.  This month of May both Colleen and I are so busy, that it has been easiest to let the milk production drop and cut back to weekly cheese making.  This means that the calfs are getting more of the milk from their mothers, rather than us gathering it for cheese making.

We are considering how to open up the cheese plant to the participation and involvement of the many members who have expressed interest in seeing what we do!  Watch for announcement of a summer cheese making and training and workshop schedule!  We hope to see many of you this summer.

This week’s cheese share includes: Romano and Muenster.

Mesa Top Meat (Protein) update:   We are very low on beef, and out of pork.  We will do some processing soon.  Details in the weeks ahead.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update:  We are in the transition to full summer diversity, but the best is still yet to come.  We are struggling to get much variety, and we are so grateful for our farmers who have been giving the CSA consistent, quality produce.  So again this week we have organic lettuce and tomatoes from Preferred Produce.  We have spinach from Red Mountain and additionally we have chard.  Thank you to Red Mountain for the consistent and high quality produce.

To  fill out the share we offer  oranges from Patagonia Orchards, and arganic pple apricot juice from Big B’s.

Enjoy what we have now, and we all look forward to increasing variety as we move toward summer.  Shiraz Apricots are coming, Sage Creation Cherries as well; it is a week to week question as to what surprise will appear next!

Membership news:  Please keep referring new members!  We add $10 to your Farm Account for every member you refer.

Thank you for your investment in and support of the CSA .  We appreciate your continued support!

Steve Warshawer


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