Dena’s Tips 5-5-12

Here is a beautiful and tasty recipe that includes bok choi. I remember my mom making what she called “sukiyaki” and I worried that it was a fake Japanese recipe that white folks made in the 50s, but I checked it out online and it’s a real thing! “ In Japan sukiyaki is cooked on the dining table, and each person uses chopsticks to pick up the ingredients from the pan as they are cooked. Therefore, all the ingredients are not put into the pan at once, but little by little.” 

I use dashi broth (bonito flakes or broth mix you can get at Talin in Albuquerque or at Ziggy’s here in Santa Fe). Vegetarians can use a sweetened tamari broth. In a large flat pan, (a cast iron skillet works great), heat the broth till simmering, then add, in order of cooking time, thinly sliced (I like to do long matchstick shapes) carrots, celery cut on the bias, bok choi cut on the bias, onions cut like half moons, bell peppers, mung sprouts, and any others of your choosing. I add pea shoots for the last minute just to heat them. Keep each vegetable separate in the pan. Serve veggies on top of noodles (or rice) placing each vegetable separately (add protein of your choice also cooked in the broth.) Add some broth – this is a really pretty presentation and a quick one-bowl meal. Here are the photos.

Please return or donate small ice packs, and we are always in need of large paper grocery bags.



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