Here is a workshop that you may be interested in attending with Home Grown New Mexico and Amy Hetager. Call me at 473-1403 if you need more information.

Home Grown New Mexico

This is from Mike & Molly’s House blog about our Papercrete Workshop this Saturday at 10am at 747 Old Las Vegas Highway. What is papercrete? Why should I come? Read below and see the photos. Pretty great way to use recycled paper.


This Saturday, May 5th, we’re putting on a papercrete greenhouse building workshop In conjunction with Homegrown New Mexico.  If you’re thinking paper whodiewaha?  Check out these posts on papercrete where I go over what it is,how to make papercrete blocks and how to make your own papercrete mixer.

The greenhouse has been a work in progress for the past four years.  Every year around plant starting time I’m kicking myself for not finishing it.  I’ll bet we get a bunch done this weekend though.  Hopefully the momentum will carry forward and the greenhouse will get finished this year.

At the workshop we’re going…

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