Dena’s Tips 4/20/12

We have the first of the season’s tender hakura and red turnips. My favorite way to eat these is raw like apples; I also love them in salad with asian dressing (rice vinegar, tamari, sweetener and toasted sesame oil) Chop and add the turnip greens; I like to add carrots, celery and  pea shoots also. My son likes this salad marinated overnight; I like it right away. Sprinkle toasted sesame seeds on top just before serving; black sesame seeds are especially beautiful and a visual contrast to the white turnips. Turnip greens are quite nutritious and can also be cooked and added to soups and beans. 

Fresh dill is a wonderful addition to fish, eggs, tuna or tofu salad, dips, raw and cooked beet dishes, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Use it with this week’s feta and cottage cheese to make a dip in food processor or blender!

We are now in more of a groove with fresh veggies – we will have rhubarb and leeks next week from Talon del Gato Farm in the Embudo Valley.

Have fun in this gorgeous spring! I’m in my garden every minute I can manage.


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