Turmeric Root Recipes

The beautiful root in this week’s share is turmeric from Papohaku Farm, the Biodynamic farm that we trade with in Hawaii. We have received ginger from them in past years. Turmeric is typically seen as a dried yellow powder that is used in curry powders and yellow mustards. It has been used for more than 2500 years as a dye, in ceremonies and as medicine. Turmeric has been shown to slow the growth of Alzheimer’s disease,  reduce inflammation to stop arthritis and as a cancer fighter in recent studies. Curcumin is in tumeric and is an antioxidant to help these processes. It is also a good source of calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.

The flavor is less intense as a root. It can be used similar to ginger by grating or dicing into dishes. BE CAREFUL with the dying effect if you have porous surfaces. Wearing gloves is a good option.

Recipe Tips

  • Grate into coconut milk and pour over rice
  • Use in a stir fry as one of the grated spices like ginger and garlic
  • Eat raw in salads or in soups to add color and punch

Turmeric Pickles

From Enjoy Indian Food

Turmeric, Ginger, Green Chile, Limes and Salt are ingredients

click here to see the recipe and photo

Turmeric Semifreddo

From Cooking Up a Storm

This type of frozen dessert is actually easy to make. It includes an egg custard and freezes overnight to become a great end to your meal.

click here to see the recipe and photo

Turmeric Chips

From Breakaway Cook

Really easy recipe from Chef Jehanghir Mehta’s Cookbook Mantra. Walnut oil and butter are wonderful together.

click here for the recipe and photo


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