Dena’s Tips 3/22/12

The good and the not so good about the lettuce – The heads are gorgeous and since there is no damage in handling and shipping, it is all usable. The plastic clam shells, however, are another matter. We learned from member Amy today (and I confirmed it with the city’s solid waste division) that while these containers are marked with a “1” they cannot be recycled. Only bottle shaped items marked “1” and “2” can be recycled. Amy says that recycling that contains items like this goes in the trash. Steve will be working with the grower on this issue and we won’t be distributing these clam shells again. 

Some of the bell peppers were a little dehydrated and wrinkled; basically a cosmetic issue. Remember you can roast these babies just like green chile – they can be served this way (after peeling ) as antipasto with olives and cheese; pureed with olive oil and garlic as dip; chopped and added to spaghetti sauce and soup. They have a silky texture and wonderful smoky flavor when prepared this way. 

The stem ends of some of the Minneolas look a bit dark and battered; this is only a surface thing – we cut several open and they are juicy and delicious. 

Have fun with this food!



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