Steve’s Weekly Update 11/30/11

Climatology 2011:   No measurable snow so far, but that may be about to change, this weekend.  Also, the coldest weather of this winter season so far is headed our way.

Are you interested in sourcing firewood from Mesa Top Farm?  Apologies that we are slow in getting the firewood harvest going.  We will keep all of you who inquired informed of our progress.

This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows and Jim Miller Ayrshire project: We just bought some hay for more than I have ever paid.  We hope to have final word on how we will be working with Ray Vaz in Roswell by the weekend, and to be moving cows next week.  The range herd is almost ready to move up to the state lease land, but we do not want to move anyone twice; we will have a hard time gathering cows there.

Abigail has not calved yet.

This week’s cheese making update:   We made our first batch of feta this week.  We can make larger batches which will enable us to be in production fewer times per week, saving time.  The feta, like all raw cheeses, require 60 days aging prior to sale.   We will be counting the days.

This week’s cheese share includes: flavored mozzarella and other artisanal cheese.

Mesa Top Meat (Protein) update:   The piggies are big enough now to live “outside,” so they have been happily moved out of the brooder to a shed with their own yard.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update:  This week’s produce share includes storage and root crops: carrots from Matt Romero, beets from Synergia Ranch, and leeks, potatoes and celeriac from Gemini Farms.

Along with these hearty soup and cooking veggies, we have a splendid mix of salad ingredients:   Salad mix and arugula from Agricultura COOP, and sunflower sprouts from Sungreen Living Foods.

Generally we have local fruit at this time of year.   Shiraz pomegranates are usually a staple of the CSA fare at this time of year, but last winter’s big freeze killed the trees off above ground.  The root stock survived and the trees have re-grown quite well…  we expect top see poms back in the mix next fall.  We have had Shiraz persimmons and grapes also, but they suffered the same fate as the poms.   This winter will be sadly thin as a result of last winter’s chill.  We will do the best we can to replace these items with others from nearby regions.

Membership news:  Thank you for your investment in the CSA .  We appreciate your continued support! We are offering bonuses for adding to your Farm Account through the end of the year.  See Dena’s emails for details.

Steve Warshawer


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