Dena’s Tips 11/13/11

If you feel you have an overabundance of greens, remember that they are super easy to freeze and hold their texture well – just boil for a few minutes, plunge in cold water, drain well and pack in ziplocks in the amount you will use later for soups, etc. Use the chard first as it is quite moist.

The centers and necks of the bull neck onions can be used for broth; brown them first in oil for extra flavor before adding water.

And from member Amy C, here is how to make kale chips – They are addictive, but unlike potato chips, are really good for you!

Remove ribs. Wash kale and dry completely (the drying is crucial). You can use paper towels or tea towels. When dry, break into large pieces, place in a large bowl and drizzle in a small amount of olive oil. This is the time to add salt and/or other spices; sesame seeds are a great addition. Then massage the oil into the kale until it is all evenly coated. Place on a cookie sheet in one layer, put in 350 degree oven – check at 5 minutes, keep checking every 2 minutes till they are dry and crisp. If they become brown, they have cooked too long and will be bitter. These crunchy treats will melt in your mouth.

And this from Steve – our farmigo software doesn’t support attachments so I can’t include the photo, but I can send it to you via regular email if you ask me for it. Steve’s butter yellow vintage Chambers is quite beautiful and very soulful – everyone who comes to my kitchen admires my blue Chambers. They have wonderful features- a griddle, a slow cooker, and a warming oven.

“I had grown very fond of the Chambers stove when I was living at the home of Dena and her late husband Tom, and we were renovating their incredible old adobe house back in the late 1970’s. When I started building the farm house in 1985, I found this one at a used appliance store in Albuquerque. It lived the hard life at the farm, and eventually was replaced by a larger stove/oven, a gift from Kitchen Angels.

As we struggle to find the $$$ to keep the cheese plant project forward, we realized that this beauty might help someone have an opportunity to help us and themselves.

We took it in to All Appliance, my favorite (and highly recommended) used appliance store in Santa Fe, and Carol and her crew renovated it to the highest standard.

She has had it advertised for $5,000 and had had a number of nibbles. I visited with her yesterday and told her that we need to make a deal and get the best price I can, so I can pay for the antibiotic testing equipment that I have to buy.

What do you think? Do any members want this beautiful stove? You can see it at All Appliance at 1836 Cerrillos Road, behind the Pantry Restaurant.”

Thanks for all your support – we are offering a special bonus through the end of the year – if you place $300 in your Farm Account, we will give you an extra week ($25). If you add $650, you get an automatic $50 bonus and we will also give you a jar of clover honey. And remember that we put $10 in your Farm Account when you refer a new member. Basic memberships make a great holiday gift, too!



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