Daikon Recipes

Daikon radishes are a medicinal food with a great punch of flavor.  I am in a rut of pickling the daikon and eating in Vietnamese sandwiches, but there are so many other ways to cook these little white carrot-like vegetables.  Acazia Gilmore, CSA member and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has recommended daikon to me for help in reducing carcinogens and helping my liver.  Here is her blog entry  with more great medicinal uses.

If you love banh mi sandwiches and want some pickling recipes, here are a few in my blog entry from last year.  They will store in your refrigerator for about a month.  There are also other savory recipes in this entry.  I made a nice mushroom and daikon soup last year with great flavor hints of the daikon.  You can also eat them raw in salads or roast them with other root vegetables.

Here are a few recipes for the fall season.  Enjoy.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Daikon Stir Fry (vegan)

From the Odd Couple Eats

This is a cool blog to find good recipes for people that want to eat more vegetables.  The author is vegan so this recipe is as well.  I would recommend using veggies from our CSA shares.  I still have my swiss chard from last week.

Click here for the recipe

Daikon Cake

Cooking with the Single Guy

This is actually a savory cake.  I have eaten at a lot of dim sum places and never seen one of these, but it sounds amazing.

Click here for the recipe

Daikon and Pumpkin

From A Life Time of Cooking

This is an Indian recipe and includes some great spices.  I usually buy spices in bulk from the Coop because I want to use a wide variety and they are less expensive that way.  I usually try to buy the seed instead of the ground spice as they last longer.  Some of these spices may need to be purchased at speciality places and I would try Ziggy’s (off Cerrillos and St. Francis near Tiny’s).  I often leave ingredients out if I do not have them so let me know if anyone has other sources for great Indian ingredients.

Click here for the recipe


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