Dena’s Tips 10-14-1

Hello Members,

The fruit this week is a combo of pear and quince. The pears were the yellow pear-shaped fruit and the quince were the yellow squat-shaped fruit … ;o) 
Each share got two of one and one of the other.  We have many quince recipes on our blog; here is the link;

Quince is an old fashioned fruit that our grandmothers knew well – related to apples, it must be cooked. It has a high pectin content. Peel or don’t…You can cook it with the pears; make jam, a small cobbler; add some apples and walnuts; cook it diced in breakfast cereal. In Mexico and Spain, they cook it into a stiff paste and serve with a soft white cheese, though we did not have enough in the share to do something that ambitious.


Braising Greens

The braising greens are a combo of Mickey purple, mizuna and tat soi. They are great in a stir fry, added to soup or quiche.



We most likely received the last of this year’s tomatoes; if you got a green one, it will ripen on its own. All of this week’s veggies can go together for a soup or ratatouille; brown the onions and bell peppers in olive oil first for added flavor.

Next Week

Looks like arugula and salad mix for next week – and pie pumpkins!

Enjoy your time in the kitchen with this lovely food.



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