Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe

I have three different friends that are all on a fall nutrition, detox or energy kick and trying new diets for 30 days.  One went vegan for the month.  One is trying raw food. Cooking a raw diet can be time consuming, but my friend is looking for more nutrient dense ways to eat.  Nuts for example retain more of their natural oils when consumed raw.  There is a new version of the cookbook by Jeremy A. Safron called The Raw Truth, 2nd Edition that gives easy ways to make raw soups, entrees and even dessert.

I helped my friends look for recipes that used seasonal vegetables.  This one is perfect for the white carrots from the share last week or the carrots from your garden.  This recipe is raw, vegan and actually very easy.  It does require a juicer for the white carrots.  The white sauce is mostly nuts and makes a nice creamy texture. Enjoy.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

White Carrot Ginger Soup

The Raw Truth

Click here for the recipe


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