Dena’s Tips 9/8/11

Just a couple of tips this week – I was up late burning Zozobra.

Pea Shoots

The pea shoots make a great salad with Asian dressing.

Cut them in 2 inch lengths

Cut the white carrots into thin 2 inch strips

Cut celery thinly on the bias

Add other vegetables you love

Dressing – 
rice vinegar, tamari, toasted sesame oil, a splash of agave

This salad is great eaten right away and will also store a day or two.


The Toro peppers – actually “bull horn” peppers and the smaller pimientos
are wonderful with their skins charred – one variation on these roasted peppers is
to blend them with olive oil and garlic – this is a wonderful dip for crackers, crusty bread, use as a
pasta sauce, etc. You can vary the flavor with the addition of cream cheese, parmesan, smoked salt…
You can do this with all colors of peppers and it is a beautiful presentation to
have one yellow bowl, one green and one red for a party.

White Carrots

And the white carrots – When I use these, I’m always on the lookout for a white rabbit.

Have fun with this colorful share!



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