Steve’s Update 9/8/11

Climatology 2011:  A couple more decent rains, and our first sub 50 degree night.  Very clear blue skies.  Cold fronts, cooler weather, it is fall on the Mesa.

Finance Failure equals financing opportunity:  Nothing new

This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows and Jim Miller Ayrshire project: We are trying to finish up some fencing and improvements on a piece of State of NM lease land so we can move cows up there.  We had targeted July 4th, but are WAY behind.  We made it through the drought and have been blessed with enough rain to postpone that move to the fall.  We hope to get 60 to 90 days on that pasture, for as many cows as we can.  Our section of the perimeter fence is fixed up.  We need to put in gates, and a water tank.  A section of fence owned by abutting neighbors needs work still.  The pressure is on to use that pasture so we can give a long and much needed rest to the pastures immediately surrounding the farm.  We also will be reaching out to one or two other neighbors to see if we can lease their adjoining, ungrazed pastures.

This week’s cheese and herd share update:   We are in the middle of the first step in renovations to free up the cheese room for final design and construction.  No new news from cheese land…

This week’s cheese share includes: Muenster and sharp cheddar.

Mesa Top Meat (Protein) update:  The smoked and aged pork and ham is ready down at Super Meats in Roswell.  I mentioned this last week but have not made it to Roswell to pick up yet.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update:    The summer share continues to include a variety of vegetables including Matt Romero toro red peppers, Rancho La Jolla cherry tomatoes, and Gemini Farm  Armenian cukes and white carrots, Synergia Ranch summer squash, Sungreen Living Foods pea shoots, and Vida Verde arugula

This week’s fruit is a Los Poblanos Organics melon.

Enjoy the new varieties and the continuing bounty!

Membership news:  Thank you for your investment in the CSA.  We appreciate your continued support!

Steve Warshawer


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