Dena’s Tips 9/3/11

Both the green chiles and the bell peppers in this week’s share can be roasted on either a gas stove or a barbeque grill. If you’ve never had roasted bell peppers, you are in for a treat. The texture and flavor are different than preparing them any other way. Char the skin over flame or coals, turning so the pepper is equally blackened, then place either in a plastic bag or wrap in a dish towel to steam. When cool, use your hands (sometimes a paper towel helps) to remove the skin. Then you can use or freeze for later, either whole or chopped.

Tips for roasted bell peppers –

  • cut into strips, add olives, 1 crushed garlic clove, a splash of olive oil and cherry tomatoes for a simple tapas dish
  • add to spaghetti sauce and soups
  • chop and add to other vegetables for a pasta primavera
  • add to Italian style pasta salad with green olives and cubed asiago or romano cheese

 Pickling Cucmbers

Here is my recipe for refrigerated Dill Pickles (Do not can this recipe as it is not a high enough acid content) Back in the 90’s we sold these at the Marketplace in quart jars with my picture on the label.

Dena’s Dills

You can also use green beans with this recipe, just blanch them first for a few minutes.

Brine – 
3 C Organic Cider Vinegar
5 C Filtered Water
4 T salt
3T sugar or 2T agave nectar

In each quart jar – 
1/2 T Mustard seed
1 or 2 smashed garlic cloves
1/2 t pickling spice
1T dill seed or fresh head of ripe dill seeds

Clean, freshly washed wide mouth quart jar with new lid

Put spices, etc in bottom of jar

Add cucumbers, either whole, sliced into long wedges or cut in rounds like hamburger pickles (no need to peel)
Arrange attractively in the jar, fill to the top

Pour boiling brine up to top of jar, wipe top of jar, seal with new lid and screw band on.

When cool, put in refrigerator.

Stays crisp for several months.

Lemon Basil

And lastly, a recipe using the lemon basil (each bag of basil was about 1/3 lemon basil)
This is from Alexis, one of our beautiful farmers, who grew the basil with her partner Brett in our share this week.

Rice Noodles with Shrimp or Tofu and Lemon Basil

Cook rice noodles and shrimp or tofu

The rest of the ingredients are added raw, dish is served at room temperature thinly sliced cabbage,
thinly sliced cucumber,
fresh hot chile (your choice)
roasted peanuts,
thinly sliced red or green onion
chopped, lemon basil

Sweet rice vinegar,
Fish sauce,
Soy sauce,
Toasted sesame oil.
Toss everything together and serve!

Enjoy this week’s variety and abundance.



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