Lemon Cucumber Ideas

The cucumber originated in India more than 3,000 years ago.  The lemon cucumber is a variety that looks like a lemon, but has all other properties of a cucumber.  Their taste is more mild as they do not have the bitter taste that some cucumber varieties develop. In India, they are called Dosakai.  I have not seen them sold in grocery stores or many places at the farmers market, but we have them this week in the CSA share.  Last year I grew lemon cucumbers on my garden fence and looked up several ways to enjoy them with my family.  Many of the recipes that I found online were Indian and looked very creative and flavorful to try.

Here are the recipes from last year’s lemon cucumber CSA share. There is one raw salad and one Indian spiced cooked dish.

Easy Recipes:

Lemon Cucumber Water- cut the cucumber into triangles and place in ice water with basil.  Enjoy as an August refresher

Lemon Cucumber Salad- A quick salad is lemon cucumber wedges (remove skin), grated ginger, drop of sesame oil, drizzle of seasoned rice vinegar and red chile flakes.

Quick Pickle- Marinate cucumber slices in fresh dill, lemon juice, sea salt and a dash of sugar.  Enjoy as a side dish to tuna sandwiches, cheese & crackers or lettuce salad.

Lemon Cucumber Chutney Recipe
From Salius Food Website

Click here for the recipe

Lemon Cucumber Stew
From The Cuisine Blog 

Click here for the recipe


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