Steve’s Weekly Update 7/27/11

Climatology 2011:   One lovely female rain late last week, cooler and quite pleasant, but still hoping for more rain.  The pastures are desperately trying to green up and  grow.  It would not take a whole lot more rain to get them growing.  Our rotational grazing program means that the pastures are ready to respond to even modest rainfall.

This week’s Cow stories:  Mesa Top cows and Jim Miller Ayrshire project: still no sign of the disaster relief paperwork.  We are finishing a new section of fence that will allow us to move the range cow and the dairy cows into some decent grass which will help reduce our feed costs for a few weeks.

This week’s cheese and herd share update:   Yesterday we had four new cheesemakers-in-training all working together with Colleen in the cheese room.  Newly arrived Chase, a master re-modeler and wood-worker, who grew up on a farm , and Tevis and Ben, a mother and son team who are neighbors and friends of the farm, and Chelsea, our stalwart CSA volunteer who has been handling the El Dorado distribution.  Starting tomorrow, for the next cheese-making duties will be rotated among 4 or 5 of us.  Colleen will have some relief from the daily cheese-making that she has carried for the last few weeks.

This week’s cheese share includes: a variety of artisanal cheeses.

Mesa Top Protein update:  We got so busy working on fences and the like that I did not get an inventory of the pork done yet, so I have not put it up for sale yet.  I have to admit though that we DID sample it and share a couple of pieces with our farm volunteers and it is by farm the tastiest pork any of us have ever eaten. Remember that these pigs were raised on whey from our own cows, and local wheat.  They lived outdoors in comfortable spacious, “forest” conditions that are natural for pigs.  Sorry to keep you waiting, but you can expect something from the pork to be available on the marketplace message that comes out to members later this week.

This week’s Veggie/Share Update:    Dena commented to me that it has been like pulling teeth to find produce for the CSA.  Michelle at the CDC has said that she has less produce than she can ever remember.

On the other hand as a farmer I am grateful not to be fighting the drought this year.

With all of that said, we have still been able to put together an interesting share for you this week.

First of the season cucumbers from Espanola Valley Farm, tomatoes, and a variety of melons from Los Poblanos,  beets from Synergia ranch, and radishes from White Mountain Farm.

And the crowning item of the share is White Mountain Quinoa.  I think we have a recipe for cold quinoa salad, which uses cucumber and even the dill sprig that will come with the Synergia beets, I think the beets can go in that salad too!

Membership news:  Thank you for your investment in the CSA .  We appreciate your continued support!

Steve Warshawer

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