Cabbage Squash Coleslaw Recipe

I have four squash plants in my backyard.  They seem to prolific and grow multiple zucchini overnight.  I have tried many recipes to enjoy them.  This is an interesting one from one of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks called 1,000 Vegetarian Recipes. Cabbage was included in a zucchini slaw recipe so I decided to try this sweet coleslaw.  It includes pineapple, but you could substitute vinegar if you don’t like the sweet version.  The cabbage and bell pepper provide the crunch in this salad.  You can barely taste the zucchini so it is a nice way to enjoy the texture.  Enjoy.

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Zucchini Coleslaw

1,000 Vegetarian Recipes

1-1/2 cups chopped Cabbage

1 cup shredded Zucchini

3/4 cup finely chopped fresh Pineapple

1/3 cup finely chopped Green Bell Pepper

1/4 cup Mayonnaise

handful Scallions

Salt & Pepper

Toss all ingredients together.  You can substitute carrots for the zucchini if you want a more traditional coleslaw.


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  1. Alice Lee

    Beautiful plant, Amy!

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