Hakura Turnip Salad Recipe from Dena

The Hakura Turnips are a summer variety and have higher water content than other turnips.  I describe their taste as bright.  You can eat them raw in slices or create a few simple recipes.  Dena sent in a turnip salad recipe back in June 2009 that is simple, elegant and includes a few ingredients that you probably have in your refrigerator. I also found a pickled recipe that will work to preserve the turnips for a little longer.

Happy Cooking,

Amy Hetager, CSA Blogger

Asian Turnip Salad

From Dena

Cut turnips into french fry shapes, chop turnip greens bite size dressing- toasted sesame oil rice, vinegar, tamari and sweetener such as agave (mix all to taste) toss together and marinate for a few hours. Serve with toasted sesame seeds on top.

Pickled Turnip Recipe

From Epicurious

Pickled Turnips, Carrots and Peppers


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  1. These are so delicious. They’re a great introduction for people who think they don’t like turnips. I actually prefer them raw.

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